WordPress Security Audit Tool

WordPress Security Audit Tool

January 12, 2020
Jeff Williams

WordPress Security Audit Tool – An easy way to solve the most common WordPress security issues like common cross-site scripting, WordPress vulnerability, improper file permissions, database abuses, unwanted users and many more. It includes a nice visual editor that helps you identify issues on the site such as drop-down menus, boxes that cannot be dragged and drops of numbers. It also provides a smooth way to search and copy sensitive information in WordPress and most important – WordPress code.

Wordsphere Security Audit Tool enables users to identify and fix common security issues on their WordPress website. With the use of this plugin, you can view details of all functions of WordPress, uploads and formats, images, forms, widgets, themes, archives, settings, plugin/theme development, forums, meta data, sub-folders, and many more. With all this information, you can easily identify any issue and find a solution to it.

Wordsphere Site Audit Tool is an advanced web host monitoring solution that provides you access to the popular WordPress hosting and management software. It lets you look at the performance metrics of your website in order to assess its current state and identify the sources of weak or slow performance and long page loading time.

The standard WordPress site has basic monitoring on its core. A single WordPress Admin has complete monitoring of the WordPress pages that are automatically run by WordPress in the background. Another WordPress admin can be used to check and diagnose the performance of WordPress sites using its advanced analytics tools.

The free version of the Wordsphere WordPress audit tool has limited functionalities and does not have the advanced features that are part of the paid WordPress hosting. Only some of the advanced features of the system can be used. The free version can only provide basic information.

The basic functions of the WordPress hosting includes adding and deleting new blogs, file management, module publishing, theme and plugin authoring, search and filter functionality, automatic archive functionality, website statistics, search engine optimization, on-site hosting management, and basic database management. The free version is not fully functional.

The paid version of the Wordsphere WordPress hosting allows you to manage the management of any WordPress website including the same core functions, add the features of other plugins and themes, provide a custom admin interface, embed custom reporting software, manage your business accounts, and many more advanced functions. With the installation of the software, you can get access to unlimited storage space, FTP server, dynamic IPs, and domain forwarding.

The free version of the Wordsphere WordPress hosting has basic functionality. The paid version of the Wordsphere WordPress hosting is the most advanced WordPress hosting software available in the market today.

WordPress has long been the most popular blogging platform in the market today. With the advanced monitoring tools of the Wordsphere WordPress Hosting, it is possible to run automated website audits, identify potential problems, and exploit any weaknesses.

The comprehensive troubleshooting platform of the Wordsphere WordPress Hosting facilitates deeper analysis of the source of problems, and the many deficiencies that it may have. The Wordsphere WordPress Hosting software also features an advanced control panel where users can customize their system to their needs.

The wordsphere security audit tool provides users with a simple and easy way to identify and fix common WordPress security issues. Its easy to install and manage, it will provide you a quick and easy way to enhance your WordPress website and boost its performance. Its integrated database tool makes it a complete WordPress database management solution, ensuring your files are not lost or stolen.