Small Business Websites

Small Business Websites

July 29, 2020
Jeff Williams

When most people think about their small business, they picture a brick-and-mortar store with a sign that reads ‘clothing’. While it’s true that almost everyone is on the Internet these days, few people take for granted that virtually all companies are online as well. In a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of small businesses (made of fewer than 5 people) admitted that they do not have a website.

In an effort to get more businesses on the Internet, some small business websites started offering their services for free, or at a reduced price, and offered them to the public at no cost. The idea was that by offering such products for free, people would be more likely to try out the services of the company and therefore boost their sales. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out quite as planned.

Because many small business websites had no content, there was little reason for search engines to index their pages. They were not searchable. If someone wanted to find information on a website, they had to go to the main website using the search engine, type in the topic of the website talked about and hit search. Unfortunately, not every person who tried this method ended up finding what they were looking for.

This, along with the fact that many of the free services offered by small business websites actually contained ads, discouraged many people from using them. Since the majority of the people who visited these websites were not interested in the information that the website had to offer, they left and never returned.

There was another problem with these websites as well. Although small business websites did offer free information, most of it was outdated or irrelevant to the reader, because the information was offered in the past tense.

Search engines like to see information that is current and up to date, so many of these websites included outdated data and pictures and other information that was out of date. Because of this, search engines gave these websites poor rankings, making it difficult for them to be found by customers.

Fortunately, companies are beginning to realize that the Internet is the way to go. These businesses will be able to use the Internet to promote their products and services, but will not have to pay for a website to do it. Instead of having a website with all of the information on the products and services that the business offers, these businesses will now be able to include links that lead their potential customers to the main website and give them the ability to read what they want to read about the products or services.

In the future, more companies will have to offer services and products on the Internet if they expect to attract more customers. Therefore, it makes sense that the Internet becomes the marketing method of choice for many businesses.

The first step for any small business looking to start an Internet website is to purchase a domain name and hosting package. Many business websites are being designed each and every day, and some even specialize in only certain types of products. Having a domain name and web host that can handle a variety of websites makes it easier for people to look for the products or services they are looking for.

After purchasing the domain and hosting package, you need to decide how to create the website. Some businesses create their own websites from scratch and use graphics and text to advertise the products or services, while other businesses choose to buy a ready-made template.

If you choose to create your own website, it’s a good idea to choose a name that will reflect what the business offers. You can find free templates available online, which will allow you to create your own website, or you can use one that already exists on the Internet.

If you’re not sure about which type of website you want to use, you can seek the advice of a small business website design company. Many companies offer website designing services to small businesses and have worked with hundreds of web sites before and can provide ideas and help to make yours unique.