Joomla Websites – Basic Principles and Tips

Joomla Websites – Basic Principles and Tips

April 4, 2020
Jeff Williams

Many individuals who are starting out with Joomla sites are not familiar with the basic elements that make a website functional. If you are starting out Joomla beginners can gain invaluable knowledge and experience by reading this article.

Joomla is a content management system that allows website owners to create dynamic content on their websites. This content can be used for placing adverts, forum discussions, blogs, product catalogues and more. This software has a customisable editor, where users can make changes on their websites. The editor has many features like Joomla templates, changing colors and applying HTML.

Most webmasters prefer to use a software like Joomla, which is much simpler than WordPress. WordPress on the other hand is more complicated to use. Since Joomla is free of cost it makes it easier for people to use and if they have website design knowledge it makes for an easier and cheaper alternative.

In simple terms the articles posted on Joomla are written using Markdown syntax. Joomla templates provides many useful features like RSS feeds, social media integration, uploading files and images, creating custom login pages, changing color schemes and setting page titles. Although Joomla’s forums are much different to other forums in that it does not have any users per post or unlike most forums, each and every thread is archived.

The articles in the forum contain links to articles that can be included in blog pages. There are many advantages to using Joomla because of its wide range of features. Most of them are easy to set up, easy to use and inexpensive.

The forums do not have any mobile friendly option. However, the forum pages are easily mobile responsive. All mobile users can view the forum pages, even if they do not have mobile enabled browsers.

The fact that the forum is not mobile responsive does not mean that there are no security concerns. A few members who do not have mobile enabled browsers will be able to view the posts by clicking the links provided on the forum pages.

Like the web host, users should also be aware of some terms that are generally used with the hosting companies for these forums are generally hosted by Joomla. These terms include bandwidth, advertisements, bandwidth usage, bandwidth usage limits, topics and special forums.

Joomla visitors should be aware of two kinds of directories: these include website sites and directories. In the first case only registered users can post content, whereas in the second case there are also unregistered users who can post content.

Users should also understand that Joomla may deny them if they are not registered and this is primarily done for security reasons. One of the best options for Joomla beginners is to register themselves and become a moderator. Having the chance to be a moderator is advantageous as a moderator will be capable of handling technical issues and applications, handling the forum and posting topics.

While the forums for Joomla websites are supported by regular support, being a moderator is very interesting but it is hard work. If you want to develop your skills further in the future, having someone on the forum to ask you questions is important. You also have to keep in mind that if you do not post a lot or do not participate in discussions, you may be removed from the forum at times.

The main benefit of a Joomla website is that there are many users who share a common interest, therefore there is a good possibility that you will get a lot of interaction and consequently you will not be bored. There are some disadvantages that one can face such as the fact that there are so many technical jargon which one needs to know to be able to operate the software. One of the best options for beginners is to read as much as possible about Joomla in order to avoid making common mistakes that can easily be fixed.