Joomla Websites

Joomla Websites

December 23, 2020
Jeff Williams

Joomla is an open source and free content management system for creating websites. It helps web designers to create dynamic, website-like pages and also enables them to perform complicated tasks like e-commerce. You can either edit or build the website yourself. This can be done using the Joomla editor. To create a new website, just follow some simple steps. This will help you in creating your very own Joomla site.

Choose a name: Once you have decided on a name for your new website, it is important that you choose a suitable name. The name should be memorable and easy to spell. Make a shortlist of all the possible names that match your requirements. Add the names to the list one by one, keeping in mind the popularity and availability of each name. Build a directory of all the websites matching your requirements.

Register a domain: Go through the Joomla developer site and register a domain that matches your business. The name should also be short and precise. Once the domain is registered, purchase Joomla Cms from the vendor. Registering the CMS is very essential as this ensures that your websites are correctly indexed in the major search engines. This in turn will increase your web traffic. Choose a URL that ensures ease of navigating through the site and make sure that it is not too long.

Download Joomla Cms: Now it is time to download Joomla CMS. These are usually available in two formats: Closed and Open Source. A closed format allows modification whereas an open source CMS will allow users to add their customized features. Since Joomla CMS can be downloaded, customized and uploaded anytime desired, it is an ideal way to manage your websites. Open source CMSs are simple to use and can be customized by the user themselves without any technical knowledge.

Ease of Installation: With Joomla, installation is so much easier than what it used to be. There are several tutorials that are easily available on the internet and can guide you step by step. This will make your life so much easier when installing Joomla CMS. Even if you have limited technical knowledge, you can install Joomla CMS easily with the help of these tutorials. If you are looking for advanced features, then you can always employ the services of Joomla experts.

Greater Security: Using open source CMS have some great benefits. Apart from being easily installed, you can update your websites without having to mess up your system. You can also update applications and install third party software on your website without any problems. On the other hand, using Joomla CMS you will get a greater security to your websites. There will be a greater level of security with an integrated Joomla hosting system.

Great Inclusion of Extensions: With Joomla, websites can easily be added with new and advanced features. It gives you a greater flexibility in adding new pages as well as applications. Since the cms is built with the model view controller (MVC), it allows developers to add different extensions to the template which can enhance the look and functionality of the site. With the help of the various extensions available, developers can create more useful and dynamic pages for their websites.

Joomla CMS can also be further developed through the use of extensions. This helps the developer to create customized modules and add-ons which can be integrated in the core of Joomla. Moreover, if the developer wishes to use Joomla as a social networking platform then he can also opt for the premium Joomla modules and extensions. There are several types of extensions available in the market but most of them are developed by third-party developers. A number of online portals provide free Joomla Templates and CSS templates which can be used by developers for developing their websites. Joomla developers can find more information about Joomla CMS on various online forums.