Joomla Security Audit

Joomla Security Audit

March 1, 2020
Jeff Williams

The Joomla Security Audit plugin is a top priority for all businesses that have at least some knowledge of web based content management systems. This plugin helps to keep track of the content on your site and any other related websites that may use Joomla as their underlying content management system.

It will show you the IP address of the website that is publishing to your site, allowing you to determine who owns the site. The owner can then be able to change any information in their site to allow you to identify them. They will also be able to update the site to ensure it is still safe for consumers.

When the plugins come on to your site it displays a message on your page. The message will not affect your website but it will notify you that this site has been updated with new information. Once the message is displayed, it will give you the option to confirm the change before you commit to the change.

The security audit can identify websites that are not secure. It can help to find websites that have some sort of vulnerability and remove them from your server.

To set up the security audit, you need to go to the administration area of your server and log in as the ‘root’ user. Next you need to navigate to the site profile management section. You will see the different security auditing plugins that are available to you.

These different plugins all work differently and for many businesses this can be very confusing. We will quickly run through how to install the Joomla Security Audit plugin. You will need to locate the plugins panel and click on the green install button. You will be prompted to add a new domain.

As soon as you enter a domain you will be prompted to create a new plugin. Once the plugin is successfully installed the green ‘Install’ button will turn blue. You will then be prompted to select the domain that you will use for the security audit.

You will be able to check all the boxes in order to make sure that the plugin is properly installed. This plugin will not affect any of the existing plugins. Once the installation is complete you will be prompted to save the changes.

Once you have saved the changes the red button will turn blue again. You can then install any updates that are required. Just remember to click on the upgrade button.

The Joomla Security Audit plugin is highly compatible and it can be used with any other Joomla plugin. This means that you can use the ‘audit’ option with any other module that supports the installation of plugins. You can even link it to other plugins that can help improve the security of your site.

There are many applications that can use the Joomla Security Audit plugin to protect their site. These plugins can also be used by other administrators or developers and this means that you will be protecting the security of your site as well as your data.

There is a good chance that your website is not secure and this can cause you to lose business and revenue. If you can run a secure site then you should be able to guarantee that your site will remain secure. If you cannot then you should invest in an effective tool to help you secure your site.