Joomla Security Audit – It is Easy

Joomla Security Audit – It is Easy

June 19, 2020
Jeff Williams

One way to look at the Joomla Security Audit module is as a simple monitoring and alerting system. If you’re like me, then you probably already use a number of different monitoring and alerting systems on your network. It’s not that they aren’t important, but over time, the differences between them become blurred and difficult to manage.

Even with a system that acts as a kind of central hub, it can still become very complex. Think about the settings for a few firewalls or application firewalls in your system. How do you manage them? What if the computer is connected to a shared network or does a lot of downloading?

It can get very complicated, and in many cases, many users do not understand how to set alerts. In any case, if a firewall is your primary firewall, there is no guarantee that other computers on the network will be notified when a problem is detected. If they do, they could easily overlook the alert as it relates to their own needs. There is also the risk of false alarms due to misconfiguration.

In some cases, those components of your network that you don’t use or want to be alerted about (such as the email servers) can get confused by a lot of the activities going on with your Joomla website, and could incorrectly provide you with information. This leads to poor, unreliable reporting, and inability to pinpoint the root cause of an issue that causes you to lose data, or even alert other systems in your network.

When you have a Joomla Security Audit installed, you know exactly what is going on with your server. You can check for and remove any errors you detect. Once the scan is complete, you can quickly know what issues are occurring with your Joomla installation.

The actual alerts you receive from your system will tell you what is causing the issue, whether it is a security breach or simply because there has been a change in the configuration. You can customize the alerts so that they are specific to the error. This is ideal for tracking down a problem that causes data loss.

The main interface of the program is really easy to use, and even provides an option to provide options for customizing the scanning. I find this to be a great feature for being able to customize the alerts and reporting, or for those who want to use the custom alert options.

The interface and the software itself are really easy to install and use, and the Joomla Security Audit scanner is reasonably priced. For those who need more than a basic security scan, and who want a more robust solution that can help maintain their server, the Joomla Security Audit is a great choice.

The end results of the scan are usually displayed on the screen, and you can choose to either notify the system administrator or delete the problem in the least intrusive way possible. Of course, you should never take any action unless the issue has been resolved. If it has not been, then you should contact the system administrator.

The best part of the system is that it is completely integrated with Joomla. It allows you to set up and manage the alert notifications within Joomla, allowing you to take action immediately. This is another feature that is great for monitoring and alerting, and helps to prevent downtime and overall system issues.

The Joomla Security Audit offers a quick and easy way to monitor and alert for security issues on your site. It is also very reliable, thanks to the integration of Joomla. The features offered are a lot of what you would expect, with all the bells and whistles that most businesses would want for their systems.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a real security tool that works behind the scenes to ensure your Joomla security is optimal. The ability to view and manage the status of your server is quick and easy, and the ability to send an alert to the administrator is great for monitoring and responding to issues as they occur.