How To Perform A WordPress Security Audit

How To Perform A WordPress Security Audit

October 21, 2020
Jeff Williams

If your website is using a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the various different elements of your website, it is recommended that you perform a WordPress Security Audit regularly. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that the CMS is as secure as possible.

There are many types of security audits that are being done on a regular basis. A WordPress Security audit is checking your website for potential issues and correcting them as soon as they are discovered.

Some of these potential issues include the insecure admin passwords or weak admin password settings. The other major issue is when the website is using outdated plugins and themes.

One of the more common security issues that can occur is when people are not uploading their database files onto the CMS. This allows for hackers to easily login to the database to do any type of malicious activity. One of the ways for you to avoid this type of issue is to ensure that you make backups of all your files before you upload them to the CMS.

Another common issue that can be found with a WordPress CMS is when the websites are not having an effective SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection in place. This prevents hackers from accessing the website by using the SSL technology. It is always best to install the latest versions of the different plug-ins, themes and plugins for your website. If a site has any older versions, it will often times be vulnerable to attacks.

As soon as you have completed your WordPress Security Audit, it is important to look over the results. It is always best to do a complete test before you start implementing any changes to the website.

Some of the security issues that can be found include using the wrong plugins or themes for your website. Many people tend to install the wrong plugin for their theme and end up having an attack. If the plugin was not properly installed or used, it may cause a denial of service for the website.

Another issue that can occur with your WordPress site is when someone was able to gain access to the database. If you use the wrong login page or have a weak password, you may allow the wrong person to have access to your information. It is vital to change any passwords as soon as possible.

When you are finished with your WordPress Security Audit, it is important to look over the report. A lot of the results will be shown in the sidebar of the screen. This means that it is very easy to locate the issue and make the necessary changes to fix it.

Some of the most common issues that can occur with WordPress include the use of outdated versions of the plug-ins and themes. Although the newest versions of the plug-ins and themes are made to work together, they are not always updated in time. It is important to update them from time to time.

Another thing to consider is the security of the WordPress plugins that you use. If the plugins do not work properly with each other, it is very easy for hackers to break into the system. Once a hacker has access to the database, he can easily change any of your database data.

Most of the time, it is also easy to find errors during the WordPress Security Audit. If there are any problems with the security of the CMS, they will be displayed on the dashboard to alert you to them.

Another issue that can be found during the WordPress Security Audit is the improper use of the username and password that you have given to the website. You should make sure that you are using strong passwords for your accounts. The user name and password that are used by the website should be as complicated as possible.