How Does A Web Server Scan Affect Your WordPress Security Audit?

How Does A Web Server Scan Affect Your WordPress Security Audit?

November 26, 2020
Jeff Williams

A WordPress Security Audit should be a consideration for every business owner. Why is it important?

What if your website has been hacked? Do you think you need to secure the site or are you going to need a white hat version of the security audit? If you currently have a free version and you can add on the white hat version, what should you think of this and do you even need a free version? Can it already offer a free white hat security audit and if so, what can it offer customers that the white hat can’t?

Does a security audit include all new content and if so, how can a new content change your code? Many people today are trying to add on new features to their sites with different code that they can add on. If this is your case then you will want to review and determine if there are any parts of your site that were modified in order to add on new code.

Is it necessary to run a free white hat audit? Many companies today are able to offer white hat security audits. The most important thing to see is that if your website has been hacked into that it was not from a professional hacker.

What is the cost to conduct a website audit? Many professional auditors can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how extensive they are. However you can conduct an audit for less than $100 and some companies charge only a one time fee for unlimited audits. There are also some who will offer you the ability to get a report and then you have the choice of purchasing a report or renewing a license.

Do free audits work? Some free audits can work but most of these companies are not very reliable.

Are there any benefits to paying for WordPress security reviews? When the company you are working with does a free security audit, they do not offer a refund. Therefore, you have to decide if you feel you are willing to spend that much money for this type of software. There are many companies that have been offering such programs and are still offering the same services.

The bottom line is that WordPress security audits can provide you with information about your website. It can help you make improvements to increase traffic. and make your website more secure.

How do you know that the company that you are using is legitimate? Make sure that the company has been certified by the Association of Independent Consultants in Information Security.

Once the company has completed its web server scanning you can go over your site with a fine tooth comb. You will need to look over every single page of your site to ensure that there are no vulnerable points that can be accessed by a hacker.

Once your web site is scanned, review it for errors. Many times you can find holes that allow someone to be able to gain access to the information on your website.

After completing your audit you should then go over your report and make sure that you have the knowledge you need to make changes to your website. The changes should consist of increasing security at the highest level possible.

The web server scan alone cannot guarantee that you will be able to fix all the problems that were found but it can help to increase the chances that you will be able to correct them. The sooner you get started the sooner you can get back on track and start earning money online.