Essential Features of Joomla Websites

Essential Features of Joomla Websites

February 28, 2020
Jeff Williams

One of the most attractive features of Joomla Websites is the fact that they provide a great degree of flexibility. They allow you to change the look and style of your website based on what your needs are. When you implement these modules, you can expect your business to benefit significantly.

A Joomla Website is like an extension of your website, which works exactly the same way. You will be able to edit, add, remove and update any part of your site easily. In this article we will discuss some of the basic features of Joomla Websites.

The first feature that most Joomla Websites includes is the Image Gallery. You can upload many pictures, choose an image and preview it. The images appear as thumbnails so that you can preview them before downloading them. After uploading, these images appear in the gallery.

We are also going to discuss the Flash Content Editor. Here you can edit text and display it on the site. This is especially useful if you want to change a few words in your content.

Another feature available in Joomla Websites is the Search Box. This lets users type in a keyword or title, and it will display all of the related results. This feature is particularly good for new website owners who want to get traffic. You can also use the search box to search for specific terms. It can also be used to find your own products and services.

The third feature that is available is the “My Account” feature, which allows you to manage your accounts. You can add, change and delete user names and passwords. Furthermore, you can install applications onto your computer. You also have the option of creating My Accounts for each individual user on your account.

There is good news for the My Account feature. Although the feature is not available to all users, it is made available to those who have signed up for a Premium account.

If you create a Joomla website using one of the new themes, you will notice that it is very lightweight. This is because all of the major graphics are included, and everything is downloaded by the Joomla CMS.

The next feature that is provided in Joomla Websites is the Joomla Templates. These templates allow you to create different designs, without having to worry about how they will look on your site. This is very beneficial because your visitors will not get bored while waiting for your page to load.

When creating Joomla Templates, you have many options. The first option is to use the pre-designed templates, which are pre-tested. However, there are also hundreds of pre-designed templates available in the Joomla Templates Library.

The fourth feature that is available in Joomla Websites is the login feature. Here you can easily log in to your site using your username and password. Once you have logged in, you can move to the home page, edit any of the pages or create a new page using the features available.

One of the biggest advantages of using Joomla Websites is the flexibility of the installation process. Because you can install many themes, you are able to modify the look and feel of your site without worrying about the possibilities of it running out of memory. This makes for a smooth site and helps to keep your visitor’s engagement.