Designing and Developing Responsive Websites

Designing and Developing Responsive Websites

March 25, 2020
Jeff Williams

Designing and developing responsive websites are a relatively new term, but not an obscure one. In fact, it is increasingly being used by webmasters, business owners, web design companies, and just about anybody else who want to put content on their website that will be viewable across a variety of browsers. So what is this really all about?

The first point to consider when looking at responsive websites is that there are two main methods. The first is that the web master design and manage their website themselves. This means they may spend considerable time thinking about how to make the site as usable on different platforms as possible, or they may have someone else do this for them. These providers are usually Web developers, and they will typically charge more for this work than a private person would.

The second method is for the web designer to develop and manage the development of the website in house. They will then be responsible for building the content that the site is going to have and installing scripts and other content management systems. This will in effect mean hiring a specialist, and the specialist should be able to bring value added experience to the table. If you are not sure if the web designer is really the best choice for your project, then perhaps you should hire a professional developer for the job.

There are two different kinds of responsive websites. There are website and software packages that handle the situation, and these are referred to as platform specific. Web development companies may be able to design and develop this kind of website as well, or may be able to recommend a third party that can do so. You are therefore able to design and develop your own solution, or you can outsource the process.

A typical web site would consist of several different parts. The graphics would be defined and then placed on the site by the Web developer. The language that is spoken would be used for the style sheets and links, and all other elements of functionality would be provided by the software that the developer is using.

But there are several layers that a large site has. The users themselves would be a part of the design, but many of the components such as links and code to implement can be provided by the software. The website does still contain the content that the user can access and change. It simply has a better interface.

It is therefore very important that the website designer and the software company that is providing the software have an agreement for how the site will be developed and made available to end users. The quality of the code in this area is as important as it is in any other area of development. The team that develops the website must have a common understanding of how the site will function and be used.

When a team of people is trying to put together a website from scratch, the software company that is doing the development may have a special relationship with the developer. For example, they may have the developer of the HTML code, or a developer may also be working with the coding team on the software project. This can be advantageous to both parties, and the developer may actually be contributing to the overall project.

The client and the service providers should therefore be aware of this kind of arrangement before any details are finalised. Often, the deal will specify that the web design company is also the development company, and vice versa. This helps both parties have a common understanding of what is required and done. This is often crucial, as development is likely to be much more intensive than putting together a website from scratch.

Once you have an idea of what is involved, you should be able to find a service provider that has a reputation for delivering results. You should also find a developer who has a good understanding of the current marketplace and technologies that are available. It is important to look for a company that is highly experienced in the field that you need to use.

Paying for the service is the next crucial step. Developers who do not deliver on their promises could well bring problems down to you, the customer. So be sure to shop around and speak to people who may have dealt with the company that you are considering. You may be able to receive a discount from a web design company if you buy them through a review site.