Blogging Tips – How to Generate Traffic Without Spending Anything!

Blogging Tips – How to Generate Traffic Without Spending Anything!

March 22, 2020
Jeff Williams

To make blogging easy and profitable, you have to understand the basic principles of internet marketing. Now I’m not talking about the one way street that a lot of people take when they first learn how to blog. I’m talking about understanding that there are different types of blogs and a complete marketing plan for each.

Some people will try to fit in all of their blog posts into a low cost approach. While this is probably their first choice, it’s not really the most effective way to approach marketing. A better approach would be to concentrate on one or two types of blog posts and have each post link to your main website.

Your site should be in a certain niche, so that people will know to go to your blog when they want to know something. Then they can pass that information on to others. This makes your blog a virtual directory and a “soft sell” page.

Another very common thing that people who are looking to make extra money on the web will do is use a blog like a forum. It’s very simple to build your own list from this forum. You just give them the link of your site, they visit it and subscribe to your blog and they can email you any questions that they may have about a product.

I know that I’ve written about a success story that was created using these very same methods. It is called “Thrive Market”. It is an affiliate marketing opportunity that has tremendous growth potential.

But the bottom line is to make blogging easy and profitable. You can make a lot of money with it if you choose a method that is going to suit your blog and that you can continually improve. Here are some blogging tips.

First, you need to understand that you need to find the right keywords for your blog. While you can get away with a lot of random stuff on the internet, with a little bit of effort you can tell that the blog posting is only going to get you so far. So you need to pick out keywords that are relevant to your topic and that have been pre-determined as popular search terms.

Once you find those popular search terms, you will then need to start your keyword research. Here is where a good keyword research tool comes in handy. You can use this tool to help find the right keywords for your niche.

You also need to make sure that your content on your blog is rich in content. If you don’t have any original content that’s unique to your niche, you’re not going to be able to make any money with your blog. People don’t want to see the same old repetitive content on their blogs.

There are a few ways that you can make yourself unique within your niche. One way is to create an entire blog out of your topic. While this is a little more involved than simply putting up a series of posts, it will allow you to keep your blog fresh and will make sure that you can be noticed in the search engines.

Another way to make your blog truly stand out is to make it about the same niche that you are marketing. This will create your blog as a part of your main business rather than your side business. In many cases this strategy will actually work and you won’t have to spend money on any advertising for your blog to get picked up by search engines.

Lastly, when you blog, write about your niche. If you are creating a home based business blog, make sure that you are blogging about one specific area of the home business industry. That way you can make sure that your blog is always relevant and that it provides value to your visitors.